Vladimir Aniskin
Art created between heartbeats...

«MICROMINIATURE — a rare kind of art, which amazing creations of ultra small forms are created under the microscope. Particularly fine work is done between heartbeats!» © Vladimir Aniskin


Vladimir Aniskin

The master of micro-miniature from Novosibirsk (Russia) — a records-man from Book of Records of Russia. Doctor of Physics & Mathematics. Craftsmanship expertise since 1998.

1981–1991. Novosibirsk #1 Secondary School.

1991. Candidate for Master of Sport in ship-modeling (F2-A Class of models).

1991–1992. Novosibirsk Electro-Technical Institute (NETI), Radio Engineering Faculty.

1992–1993. Novosibirsk High Military Command School (NVVKU) (Discharged on medical grounds).

1993–1997. Novosibirsk State Technical University (former NETI). Aircraft Faculty, Aerodynamics Department. Honorary Bachelor’s Diploma on Technology in Aircraft and Rocket Engineering.

1997–1999. Honorary Master’s Degree on Technology in Aircraft and Rocket Engineering.

1998. Started making micro-miniatures.

1999–present time. Work at the S.A. Khristianovich Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Institute, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. His scientific activity is focused on studies of fluid and gas flows in microscale, as well as design, creation and use of micro-sensors for aerodynamic research and other areas of science.

2001. For the first time presented works to the audience.

Since 2004. Conducted more than 100 personal exhibitions.

2004. Thesis of Candidate of Technical Sciences on „Study of Convective Instability in the Shock Layer and Hypersonic Trail”, specialty 01.02.05 «Fluids, Gases and Plasma Mechanics».

2006. «Russian Miracle» Museum of Micro-miniatures based on Vladimir Aniskin’s works collection was established by International Craftsmen’s Guild.

2013. Thesis of Doctor of Sciences on «Experimental Study of Liquid and Gas Micro-flows», specialty 01.02.05 „Fluids, Gases and Plasma Mechanics”.

Family: wife Svetlana N. Krivosheyeva and three sons
Matvey (2000), Fedor (2006) and Vladimir (2015)